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PZL Tecnologia Group is the result of three decades of experience in the development of equipment that combines technology, innovation, precision and assertiveness. With a tradition in the development of cryoscopy equipment, the Group has built over the years a work recognized for the delivery of products with differentiated quality that meet the needs of professionals from different areas.

Currently, the PZL Group has focused its efforts on the development of solutions that bring innovation, practicality and safety to serve the dairy industry and the health area. Therefore, commercially, it is divided into two fronts: PZL Lak and PZL Saúde.

PZL Lak products are part of the origin of the Group. With a history strengthened in developing solutions for the Dairy industry, the company carries a family legacy. In the 1950s, the then cheese producer Pedro Piazzalunga, as owner of the Laticínios Londrina (Cheese Piazzalunga), noticed a great difficulty of buying pure milk for the production of dairy products.

In view of this, Pedro Piazzalunga launched a pioneering brand in Brazil focused on the production of Electronic Cryoscopes for milk analysis, becoming the first manufacturer of these products in Latin America.

At the time of its launch the company became known as Laktron. After a few years and technology updates, the brand was renamed PZL.

Always innovative in the development of equipment for the analysis of milk, the company counts on a team with ample knowledge on dairy products and in line with the new technologies of the sector.

PZL Lak equipment meets national and international industry standards, such as the IN-51 of the Ministry of Agriculture and ISO 5764 / IDF 108.

PZL Saúde is the result of a meeting between the knowledge of technologies for the development of high precision analysis products and the demands of the health area for equipments that combine the technology with the specific needs of the area, bringing practicality and assertiveness to the routine of the professionals.

In 2004, PZL Saúde launched a medical line created specifically for the ​​Angiology and Vascular Surgery area; and since then the company has been increasingly specialized in this niche in order to meet the demands and bring specific products to medical professionals.

To ensure a positive customer experience, the PZL Group has a structure of technical assistance and stock of parts.


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