Electronic Cryoscope PZL 7000S


  • PZL 7000S

High-precision equipment for measuring the Cryoscopy (freezing point) of the milk and for identifying fraud by added water.

Equipment features:

  • Microprocessed electronic system.
  • Automatic operation: the operator only doses the sample, the rest is done automatically by the PZL7000S, including the calculation of the added water percentage. Reducing the risk of "human error" and also allowing the operator to do other activities while the analysis is done.
  • Automated calibration: calibration through the Cryoscope PZL 7000S software, the operator only has to do the analyzes with calibration solutions.
  • Calibration solutions with three different concentrations: Ex .: standard solutions 0°H, -0,530°H and -0,962°H. And, instead of requiring the solution to be passed, the user must enter the display of the value used.
  • Rapid calibration: using only a standard solution of -0° H analysis and an analysis of the standard solution -0.962°H
  • 4 analyzes on the display: a display showing the last 4 tests with date, time, freezing point, and percentage of water added.
  • Memorization of analysis: internal memory, with an automatic record of the last 2500 analysis (even if the power is off).
  • Flexible system: user can configure for analyzing using the "plateau" (precise) or "time" (faster) system.
  • Barcode reader interface.
  • Matrix and Thermal Printer Interface: Enables printing reports or analyzes.
  • Computer interface.
  • Identification of the Producer: In each analysis, it is possible to identify the producer/batch sample being analyzed. The identification can be printed along with the freezing point value individually or through reports.
  • Cooling system tropicalized: normally operates at room temperatures from 0°C until 42°C; without the need for any forced air conditioning or cooling system equipment.
  • Check-up and guidance messages on display: 
    ✓ step-by-step guidance for the operator indicating the procedures to be made, with explanation of any equipment or operator failure; 
    ✓ warning about the solution changing during the calibration; 
    ✓ estimated time for releasing the panel when the unit is turned on; 
    ✓ elapsed time display during analysis.
  • Technician Check-up: 
    ✓PZL7000 eletronic circuits diagnostic system through its own display; 
    ✓monitoring the cooling of the sample before the homogenizer strong beat; 
    ✓ allows to insert the machine's serial number on the printout of the analysis, increasing the traceability of the sample.
  • Structure in stainless steel and aluminum: guarantee long years of durability without rust.

Technical specifications

  • Operating range: freezing point from 0°H to 1000°H.
  • Average time of analysis: approximately 2.5 minutes.
  • Sample volume for analysis: 2.5 ml.
  • It uses 500ml of refrigerator Bath Solution composed of: water, glycerin and alcohol.
  • Resolution: 0.001°H or 0.2% water.
  • Precision (Repeatability): ±0.002°H or ±0.4% of water.
  • Room temperature for operation: 0°C to +42° C.
  • Reading: LCD display, alphanumeric (80 characters, 4 lines x 20 columns).
  • Power: 220 Volts, 60 Hz.
  • Cryoscope size: 330 x 370 x 370 mm.
  • Transport box dimensions: 450 x 550 x 450 mm.
  • Weight: 40 kg (approx.), with the carrying case.

Included accessories

  • 01 set of calibration solutions
  • 01 liter of antifreeze solution (bath solution)
  • 24 precision test tubes
  • 01 holder for 24 test tubes
  • 01 wooden box
  • 01 equipment operating manual

Optional for PZL 7000S
Check with the company for prices

  • Thermal Printer

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